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Hi there ...and welcome to...............

Elizabetta Bespoke Handcrafted Jewellery.

My name is Liz Gambone-Smith and I just

love to bead!


As you will see from my site....I make lots

of beautiful pieces of jewellery using the

finest beads and crystals ranging from....

Swarovski Crystals, Semi Precious 

Gemstones and Pearls....through to glass

beads...and more! 

My father was Italian, something of which I am very proud, and although he no longer is with us,

I frequently think of him.....Dad could never pronounce my name properly and he always called

me 'figlia mia' which means 'my daughter' or Elizabetta......


My background is academic. I studied languages at college and then went on to study Italian &

Spanish at Aberystwyth University.  

Fortunate to spend a year abroad in Valenica, Spain and Siena in Tuscany, Italy being part of the 

course gave me the opportunity to speak Italian in jobs that followed...


However, I've always been very fond of DIY and making things...I recently retiled my kitchen

single handed!


I was also able to speak Italian when I worked full time which was great.....

Then we started a family and when my first son, Luca, was born I found myself with time on my

hands and I started beading and could not stop. It was like I was a child again in a sweet shop....

..........not knowing which sweet to pick first! 


I built my business up over a few years and after the birth of my second son, Gianni, decided

to take a break from it as I found the recession hit hard...............

Now both my children are at school and I'm back again!


Enjoy browsing my site..for a fully bespoke experience..drop me line....by email..by text..

or facebook.....or even pick the phone up for a chat...ciao ciao!


Mobile 07774 540023     Email [email protected]


Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/elizabettajewellery 


Elizabetta xxxxx